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Our cold-pressed juices are a combination of six to seven carefully selected local and organic ingredients to provide nutrition from varied sources and supply the proper nutrients to detoxify your body. Local produce is much more nutrient dense than imported produce, as the plant is allowed to fully ripen before harvesting, and the nutrients allowed to fully mature.

Juicing is a very efficient vehicle for your body to absorp a high amount of nutrition with a low amount of calories. Being easy on your digestive system, it also gives your digestive organs a much-needed reprieve from the daily stress we subject it to.

Cold-Press is a process for extracting juice from fruit and vegetables. Hydraulic pressure is used to coax liquid from plants without breaking down nutrients or enzymes. Many home and commercial juicers use a centrifugal juicer, which although many times faster, relies on a spinning blade which both heats and oxidizes nutrients, minerals, and enzymes. In short, Cold-Pressed juices are the most nutrient dense juices, packed with vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes.

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Owners Nazim Bardai and Terry Tai, both coming from health backgrounds, started paying closer attention to what they were eating. Noticing the lack of variety and availability of local produce in grocery stores, they decided to start something new and different — a store dedicated to carrying as much variety of local produce as possible. A kind of year-round Farmer’s Market. And with that, Farmer Jack’s was born.

With the creation of a new store, they decided to take a lesson from the past. Grocers have traditionally been a community store — where your grocer would know your name, and where your produce comes from and the people who grew it. They would tell you what’s in season, and offer suggestions you could trust and rely on. Food has always been integral to any community — and that’s something we don’t want to see lost in this fast-paced world of instant gratification.

That’s why we’re there every morning, bringing in fresh produce daily from the farmers who grow our food in Ontario. There’s a relationship from the growers, to us, to you and your family.

We source as much as we possibly can from the local farms and businesses in our vicinity. The Niagara Green-Belt, Holland Marsh, Waterford, Leamington, Bala, and Simcoe are homes to a few of the farms we regularly get our produce from.

We believe in our duty to be more socially responsible — both to ourselves and to each other. Supporting Local is a philosophy we live by, and that extends to the food we eat as well.